[22] Global risk and the dollar [slides]  

        by Georgios Georgiadis, Gernot J. Müller, Ben Schumann         7th BdF-BoE-BdI international macro workshop, Nov 2021

  [21] Music Sentiment and Stock Returns Around the World  [slides] 

        by Alex Edmans, Adrian Fernandez-Perez, Alexandre Garel, Ivan Indriawan                                 EFA, Virtual, August 2021

  [20] Idiosyncratic Volatility and the Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model  [slides] 

        by Bing Han, Gang Li                                                                                                                             CIRF, Virtual, July 2021

  [19] Concealed Carry  [slides] 

        by Spencer Andrews, Ric Colacito, Max Croce, Federico Gavazzoni                                                   WFA, Virtual, June 2021

  [18] Uncertainty Trends, Valuation Ratios and Predictability [slides] 

        by Federico M. Bandi, Lorenzo Bretscher, Andrea Tamoni                                                               MFA, Virtual, March 2021

  [17] Attention to the Tail(s): Global Financial Conditions and Exchange Rate Risks [slides]

        by Fernando Eguren-Martin, Andrej Sokol                                                                                        EFA, Virtual, August 2020

  [16] Cross-Sectional Dispersion of Risk in Trading Time [slides]

        by Torben Andersen, Martin Thyrsgaard, Viktor Todorov                                                         MFA, Chicago, IL, March 2020

  [15] Public Debt and the Slope of the Term Structure [slides]

        by Thien T. Nguyen                                                                  The RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference, Bahamas, February 2020

  [14] Understanding the Sources of Macroeconomic Uncertainty [slides]

        by Barbara Rossi, Tatevik Sekhposyany, and Matthieu Soupre                                          AEA, San Diego, CA, January 2020

  [13] Global Capital and the Cross-Section of International Equity Return Comovement [slides]

        by Thummim Cho, and Argyris Tsiaras                                                                                AFA, San Diego, CA, January 2020

  [12] Housing Cycle and Exchange Rates [slides]

        by Sai Ma, and Shaojun Zhang                                                                                            AFA, San Diego, CA, January 2020

  [11] What Interbank Rates Tell Us About Time-Varying Disaster Risk [slides]

        by Hitesh Doshi, Hyung Joo Kim, and Sang Byung Seo                                                FMA, New Orleans, LA, October 2019

  [10] Arbitrage Portfolios [slides]

        by Soohun Kim, Robert A. Korajczyk, Andreas Neuhierl                                                   CICF, Guangzhou, China, July 2019

  [9] Higher-Order Risk Premium, Stock Return Predictability, and Rare Event Dynamics [slides]

        by Zhenzhen Fan, Xiao Xiao, Hao Zhou                                                                            CICF, Guangzhou, China, July 2019


  [8] Expectations Uncertainty and Household Economic Behavior [slides]

        by Itzhak Ben-David, Elyas Fermand, Camelia M. Kuhnen, Geng Li                     WFA, Hungtington Beach, CA, June 2019


  [7] Subjective Model Uncertainty, Variance Risk Premium, and Speculative Trading [slides]

        by Ming Guo and Hao Zhou                                                                                                    CIRF, Hangzhou, December 2018


  [6] Location Choice, Portfolio Choice [slides]

        by Ioannis Branikas, Harrison Hong, Jiangmin Xu                                   HKUST Finance Symposium, HK, December 2018


  [5] Searching for Yield Abroad: Risk-Taking through Foreign Investment in U.S. Bonds [slides]

        by John Ammer, Stijn Claessens, Alexandra Tabova, Caleb Wroblewski                                         EFA, Warsaw, August 2018


  [4] Media Network Based Investors’ Attention: A Powerful Predictor of Market Premium [slides]

        by Li Guo, Lin Peng, Yubo Tao, Jun Tu                                                                                                 CICF, Tianjin, July 2018


  [3] Break Risk [slides]

        by Simon C. Smith and Allan Timmermann                                                                            SFS Cavalcade at Yale, May 2018


  [2] What the Variance Risk Premium tells us about the Expected Market Returns 

        by Sung June Pyun                                                                                                               28th AFBC, Sydney, December 2015


  [1] Risk, Unemployment, and the Stock Market: A Rare-Events-Based Explanation of Labor Market Volatility 

        by Mete Kilic and Jessica A. Wachter                                                                                          15th TADC, London, May 2015